Bahçeci Ada Balcony Set , .Gökyüzünün En Ayrıcalıklı Mağazası

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Bahçeci Ada Balcony Set

Brand: Bahçeci



Ada Balcony Set
1 Pcs 60x60 Table
2 Pcs Chair

Product sizes:


Width: 60cm.

Height: 60cm.

Height: 72cm.


Island Chair:

Width: 38cm.

Height: 38cm.

Height: 86cm.


Product Description:

Mounting: No Installation Required.


Warranty Period: 2 Years


Product description:

Our product is manufactured from Baked Hornbeam Wood and it has been subjected to paint and varnish treatment according to outdoor use. The paint and varnish used are water based and extra durable against rain, mud.


Foldable and no installation required. Picnic areas, your site, your balcony, your garden, cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels in four seasons to use. It does not take up much space because it is foldable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


On the hornbeam tree, there are 2 layers of wipeable and renewable wood paint application. Wood parts of the product can be dyed and renewable. The connection components are manufactured by pressing with thick metal rivets. The bolt assembly is galvanized and does not rust. When unpacked, it can be used without assembly.


Our paints and varnishes used in our products are certified for use in children's rooms and toys.