DunyaGoz Hospital Eye Examination %50 Discount Coupon , .Gökyüzünün En Ayrıcalıklı Mağazası Shopandmiles.com

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DunyaGoz Hospital Eye Examination %50 Discount Coupon

Brand: Dünyagöz


Order must be given at least 3 days before the preferred date.
Discount coupons cannot be combined with similar offers.

A confirmation / reference number (Voucher) will be sent to you by our staff.



Reservation needed.

Requests are subject to availability.

Valid for 1 inspection and examination.

This coupon is not available for all doctors.

Cancellation is not allowed after booking. The total amount will be charged.

Coupons are for 1 person / single use. 

Orders are not processed without confirmation / reference number (voucher) on premises.


Please, contact Biggtravel via +90 216 538 65 65 or travel@biggtravel.com for more information.