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Avis Green 1 Day BMW i3 Electric Vehicle Rental

Brand: Avis Türkiye



Avis Green 1 Day BMW i3 Electric Vehicle Rental

Available only in Istanbul.

BMW i3 Auto Electric Vehicle Hire C Group Prestige Segment 1 Day Rental Price.

The fleet is limited to the facilities. During the delivery of the vehicle, the first available vehicle will be delivered.

Avis, which is a pioneer in vehicle rental, is now at Avis Green with its electric car rental service.

You can rent these vehicles which are the standard of the future with the difference of Avis Green and add color to your journeys.

Campaign Conditions:
• Avis general rental conditions apply. You can reach detailed information from https://www.avis.com.tr/arac-kiralama-kosullari.
• The campaign is limited to fleet facilities. Car rental company can make minimum day application on special dates.
• Biggtravel cannot be held liable if there is no vehicle left until the reservation is made with the preliminary request for vehicle availability.
• Campaign in Turkey, is valid for domestic rentals.
• Can not be combined with other campaigns of the car rental company.
• Avis and Biggtravel reserve the right to change the terms of the campaign
• SUVs and upper group rents (Nissan Qashqaı and equivalent) must be presented with two credit cards.
• Credit card will be requested for extras that may occur outside the vehicle cost.
• If the main driver of the vehicle does not have his own credit card, car rental service cannot be made.
• According to the results of the credit score grade question made by the car rental company, the right to not to be delivered to the person is reserved in the rental company.
• The car rental company reserves the right to change prices.
• In order to rent vehicles for the H group, it is required to have a driving license of at least 25 years old and 2 years. Persons with a license of 21 to 25 years and 2 years of driving license can rent a car from the middle group by paying the Young Driver fee.
• For C group, at least 27 years old and 3 years of driving license. Persons who are in the 21-27 age range and have 3 year license can rent a car from the upper group by paying the Young Driver fee.
• Brand / Model / Fuel / Group guarantee is not allowed.

Order Terms:
• All products and services are taken as a pre-order.
• After you have placed your order, please contact the service provider company BiggTravel at travel@biggtravel.com or from 0216 538 65 65. Please clarify your order number, the date and other items you want to use in the confirmation email you have received regarding your requested service within 1 week after the order.
• Based on the service expiry date of the Company, firstly the availability of the business (hotels, restaurants, workshops and similar service points) will be checked and your order will be covered according to the availability of the business. This requires approval of the enterprise.
• A confirmation / reference number (Voucher) will be sent to you by our company after the approval of the company. With this document / reference number on the document (Voucher) will go to the business and you will receive service.
• Biggtravel and the Sanal Mağaza cannot be held responsible if the Biggtravel authorities are not contacted after the product or service pre-order.

Last Rental Date: 28.08.2019

• There is no cancellation right after the reservations are made.
• Orders are not processed without confirmation / reference number (voucher).
• Prices are not valid on special days determined by the business such as holidays, New Year's Eve, semester and public holidays.

Reservations made on the same day are not processed and the reservations must be made at least 3 days prior to the requested date, provided that they are used within the expiry date of the service.

This product is a travel product, not shipped with shipping.