National Team Uniform Away Jersey S Size , .Gökyüzünün En Ayrıcalıklı Mağazası

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National Team Uniform Away Jersey S Size

Brand: Milli Takım


New away jersey of National Team has a special graphic which has Micro-geometric shapes turning white from turqoise by expanding to shoulders.

Special appearance reminds warrior armor made of chains, it is also inspired by complex mosaic pattern, one of which is an important part in Turkish architecture.

 New home shirt has a red modern V-neck which a thin red line crosses on the edge and “Türkiye” is written on the reverse side.

 On both sides of the shirt, red stripes take place going down  from armpit,In order to provide more ventilation, these stripes expands when the player is on the move.

 The stripes which are on both sides of  turquoise shorts merges with the ones on the shirt and enables comfort for the player with the same logic.

Complementing the shirt,New home socks are designed with  linear graphic patterns in red and white on the reverse side.

The striking color difference of shorts and socks from shirt emphasizes the fastest part of legs and body. And this choice of color creates feelings of speed and excitement.

While this new shirt represents national pride, it is produced to provide the latest innovations of Nike to players which involves textile fabric, performance technology, humidity management and environmental sustainability.