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ZE10 Design Boyce Puff 07 Purple

Brand: ZE10 Design



Adapting to any environment with its retro style from sixties, Lombard will add joy and vitality to your home. Round shape, needle-footed, with vivid and wide color options. It will add warmth to its location. You can use it as a practical solution in your living room or you can use it when you wear and remove shoes in the bedroom and home entrance. They stand out very nicely in different colors.

Width 45 x Depth 45 x Height 41 cm.
Fabric Knowledge
Living Colors, does not sweat and stain. The fabric is 100% polyester. Velvet texture.
Product information
It was produced in Istanbul by hand craftsmanship and furniture masters with many years of experience. High durability. Massive fir-tree is used in its body. High quality material and 32d gray sponge are used for you to use in everyday use without any deterioration in flooring production.
Additional information
The product is packed in carton box in dustproof bag. The product comes with user manual and maintenance information. No installation required, you can use the package as it is. For cleaning, you can wipe with a cloth cleaning spray or a clean damp cloth. You can take the dust with a clean tip vacuum cleaner.