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8 Hour Workshop for '' Chemistry of Effective Speech '' With Arsen Gurzap at Dialog Yasam Atolyesi

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8 hours / 2 half days at the Dialog Life Academy on 11.05-12.05.2019 yarım The Chemistry of Effective Speech Ak Workshop with Arsen Gürzap

Latest Booking: 08.05.2019

11.05.2019-12.05.2019 Between 14: 00-18: 00 hours

It is in our hands to structure our speech as if it were a composition.

It is nowadays necessary to be a good and effective speaker to be able to reach our target in every field of life, to express ourselves, to impress and to convince ourselves in the presentations made in front of the community, not in speeches.

Let us take a look at the etkili conversation. Issue in this pleasant Life Academy Workshop through the window of 35 years dedicated to Arsen Gürzap's knowledge, life experience and effective speaking education.

There is a formula of being a speaker who makes a difference, plays, affects, and admires, and in the formül Chemistry of Effective Speech bir workshop, Arsen Gürzap shares this formula with surprising, pleasant, catchy ways.

Prof. Dr. Arsen Gürzap 8 hours / 2 half days' 'Chemistry of Effective Speech' Workshop content:

* Be Audible & Understandable
* Living, Live, Interesting / Sound energy
* Speech ğı Thumb “/ Highlight
* Melody of Conversation / Toning
* Emotion Transfer
* Element of Speech / Words and Concepts

Dialog Taksim
Address: Dr. Tarık Zafer Tunaya Sk. No: 8 Floor: 1-2 Gümüşsuyu-Taksim İstanbul

• The last booking is 08.05.2019.
• Dialog Taksim has the right to cancel the workshop if there is not enough participation.
• Participation in the same or different workshop that will be realized within 1 year instead of the education canceled by Dialog Taksim.
• At least 7 days before the relevant training date after the workshop registration; it is possible to cancel the official documents of force majeure. Otherwise, refunds cannot be made.

Validity: 08.05.2019

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