Acopower X50A 12/24 / 220Volt Cordless / Corded Outdoor Auto Refrigerator with 50Liter Compressor I Shop&Miles


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Acopower X50A 12/24 / 220Volt Cordless / Corded Outdoor Auto Refrigerator with 50Liter Compressor


Acopower X50A 12/24 / 220Volt Cordless / Corded Outdoor Auto Refrigerator with 50 Liter Compressor

• Possibility to use both with 220Volt mains electricity and by connecting to 12V and 24V car cigarette lighter input in all vehicles and all places with 220Volt electricity,

• 11.1Volt 15.5Amper internal Li-ion battery for use in places where there is no electricity,

• Opportunity to operate with solar energy by connecting Acopower Solar panel (Solar panel is not included in the package)

• 4 different operating systems in total thanks to its superior technology; With 220Volt mains electricity, it can be used for the whole house, business, office etc. Possibility to use in all places where electricity is available. o Possibility of use in all vehicles by connecting to 12V and 24Volt vehicle cigarette lighter input, o Possibility of use in everywhere where there is no electricity thanks to its internal battery, o Possibility of using solar energy with solar panel connection,

• Thanks to its feature of working with 24V, it is possible to use it in all vehicles with 24V lighter output such as heavy duty machines, trucks, buses, vans, boats, yachts, caravans,

• Thanks to the Acopower Solar panel, which you can purchase separately, you can charge the battery of your refrigerator and use your refrigerator by using solar energy all day long.

• Thanks to its rechargeable 11.1Volt / 15A Amplitude Li-ion battery, it provides the opportunity to use it wirelessly for a long time in open areas such as mountaineering, camping, picnic, sports activities, beach, beach where there is no electricity.

• Thanks to the Li-ion battery, it can be fully charged in as little as 5 hours, when used with a battery, it provides approximately 10 hours of use when it is set to 0⁰ degrees with a full charge. The higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the operating time. Also, when the refrigerator is set to old temperatures, the operating time will be shorter. (The Duration of Use May Change Depending on the Outdoor Temperature)

• With 40 liters of large-volume cooler / freezer capacity, many products can be easily cooled / frozen,

• Versatile easy transportation on all floors thanks to the pulling arm integrated on the case and durable sound-free wheels,

Versatile use with the possibility of cooling and freezing from -20 ° C to + 20 ° C, regardless of ambient temperature,

• Thanks to its super fast cooling feature, it cools your food in 20 minutes from + 10 ° C to -10 ° C.

• Provides compact usage, fast and effective cooling thanks to its superior American design.

• Thanks to the PORTABLE FREEZER mobile application that you can download to your mobile phone with ACOPOWER Bluetooth connection, it allows you to manage your refrigerator quickly and easily from your phone.

• PORTABLE FREEZER Mobile application allows you to increase the freezer level up to a maximum of -40 ° C from the advanced settings menu.

• You can see the charge level of your vehicle's battery and adjust it according to the battery voltage option, thanks to the high precision LED illuminated digital display.

• You can choose two different temperature units ⁰C (Degrees Celsius) / F (Fahrenheit) thanks to the high-precision LED illuminated Digital display,

• You can use your refrigerator in two different features, with lower energy consumption in the ECO option or with the fast cooling / freezing option in the MAX option, thanks to the high precision LED illuminated Digital display.

• With the digital indicator (Thermostat), the desired degree can be adjusted clearly and accurately, so you can safely store your food, drinks, medicines and all other perishable foods at the desired temperature and carry them in your vehicle,

• Easy-to-clean internal cooling walls designed for maximum hygiene and drainage plug that allows the discharge of waste water of melted ice after cleaning,


• Ability to cool and freeze all your food and beverages up to -20 ° C,

• Possibility of preserving the temperature of frozen foods for a long time without thawing thanks to the special insulation in the inner and outer cases

• With ECO or MAX options, you can use your cooler more efficiently and save electricity.

• ACOPOWER is designed to operate even in open / hot weather with superior performance as a car refrigerator cooler and freezer. Since all of the inner side walls are designed with a special cooling system, it can be easily operated as a deep freezer with the adjustment to be made on the digital thermostat.

• The cooling system of your car refrigerator with compressor has the same operating principle as the refrigerator in your home and is produced only with a specially designed compressor, so unlike the refrigerator in your home, your vehicle can run smoothly even when it is moving.

• High inrush current protection is controlled by the integrated micro-computer and it works very quietly and without vibration with its superior motor technology, so it works longer life and works smoothly.


• Thanks to the integrated micro-computer, it does not damage your vehicle battery, it automatically turns off when the voltage of your vehicle battery drops, the voltage of your vehicle battery returns to normal value.

This process is managed entirely by the micro-computer, thus preventing the refrigerator from overheating.

• Thanks to the 5V / 2,1Ah USB socket integrated into the digital screen, it can be used for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc. It is designed for charging your electronic items,

• With its special anti-slip rubber coating placed on the cover, it allows you to safely charge your electronic items such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras.

• High quality shock resistant polyurethane casing provides more cooling / freezing performance with minimum heat loss thanks to the insulated body,

Robust ABS body and cabinet door resistant to impacts and UV rays,

• Minimum energy consumption with A + energy class,

• The opportunity to carry your food with you for a long time without spoiling in all activities such as camping, picnic, beach, hunting, nature sports, fishing with the possibility of mobile use in all vehicles by connecting to the 12V and 24V car cigarette lighter input,

• The opportunity to keep all your food and beverages intact by cooling or freezing up to -20⁰ during intercity travels,

• 12Volt / 24Volt / suitable for trucks, construction equipment, buses, boats, yachts, ships, etc. Possibility of use in many areas,


• Provides maximum insulation thanks to the special wide gasket integrated into the cover,

• Thanks to its compact design, it can be used on many floors such as seat tops and luggage,

• 2.5 liter bottles can be easily placed vertically or horizontally,

• Easy-to-clean internal cooling walls designed for maximum hygiene,

• Provides robust construction and improved thermal insulation thanks to the metal-coated inner casing,

• High quality polypropylene cover, superior insulation properties, ease of use, superior design and performance, robust construction provides efficient use for a long time,

• Thanks to its compact design, it provides the opportunity to fill your food or beverages easily,

Has all international quality and health certificates such as CE / TÜV / GS,

Product dimensions: W: 41cm x H: 58cm x L: 63cm

Inner chamber dimensions: 45cm x 26cm x 46cm

• Weight: 15,4 Kg