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Aqua Jog Club In-Water Running 10-Hour Training Package

Brand: Aqua Jog Club



Aqua Jog Club In-Water Running 10-Hour Training Package

It is for 1 person. 1 lesson is 1 hour.

It is a walking and running sport that we use all body muscles in a vertical position in the water, which we challenge against water. You will not have a muscle that does not work during the workout, you will discover your muscles that you do not even know existed.

Since the density of water is 12 times higher than air, AquaJog® training provides 12 times more effective work than land sports. While challenging against water with your own body weight, 600-800 calories are burned in 1 hour, and the manipulation of water on your body during the training creates a massage effect. In this way, water begins to change your body in a short time. Excess weight, cellulite, muscle aches, joint disorders leave your body. Your muscles begin to shape, your body does not succumb to gravity and you have a tight appearance.

A total body workout takes place throughout the workout. With AquaJog®, a differentiating training program, consisting of running in water, sit-ups, rowing, basic pilates and core exercises, is implemented. 600-800 calories are burned in one hour with fitness and cardio training.

Challenge the water for 1 hour with one AquaJog® belt and full motivation!

Anyone who knows how to walk, from 7 to 70 can make AquaJog®.

AquaJog for pregnant women
It helps you spend your pregnancy period physically and spiritually.
Together with your increased body weight, it allows you to easily perform many movements that you cannot do on land.
It prevents excessive weight gain.
It gives flexibility.
Strengthen your joints and muscles.
Relieves waist, back, leg pain.
It allows you to lose weight after birth and your body to recover in a short time.

AquaJog for kids
While your children are having fun, they gain a healthy and strong body structure.
It provides strengthening of muscle structures and joints during the developmental period of children.
It gives flexibility and corrects posture.
Thanks to breathing exercises, it improves the heart and lung.
It prevents obesity that may occur in childhood.
Provides mental relief in intensive education life.
It provides a social environment.

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