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Biggdesign Moods Up Relaxed Hat

6 panels Bird-eyed Gabardine fabric Adjustable Embroidery detailed
Brand: Biggdesign


  • BIGGDESIGN MOODS UP MEN'S HAT: 6 panels, bird eye, gabardine fabric, adjustable, with print and embroidery detail
  • COTTON FABRIC: It is made of 100% cotton hat fabric. It is suitable for use in all seasons with its healthy and high quality structure.
  • WIDE SPERLESS: It is designed as a light and comfortable hat. It protects the head and face from sunlight with its wide semen.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Single size. Thanks to its 6-panel design, it fits easily on your head. It can be adjusted with its back band and can be easily loosened and tightened. Easily adapts to the user's head structure
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: Moods Up Relaxed men's hat model, which is the key of summer months, reflects a modern image with its smooth form that can be used by men of all ages, blue color suitable for summer and stylish design. It helps the parts to be combined easily.