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BOB Ataşehir Barbecue Menu



BOB Ataşehir Barbecue Menu

The menu price is for 1 person.

We call the tenderloin which is cooked with its own temperature without volcanic stone without flame and coal. A unique experience with salad and cheese and vegetables cooked in stone, as well as the steak you can't believe in taste, are at B.O.B Burger Barbecue.

Menu Content:
180 g slices of tenderloin, hellim cheese, vegetable varieties and salad to be cooked on volcanic stone

Valid at:
BOB Atasehir // Address: Barbaros Mahallesi Ardic Street 4 / A Varyap meridian G Block, 34746 Atasehir

Valid Until: 31.03.2020 

Ordering Conditions:
• Order should be given at least 3 days before the preferred date.
• Once you have submitted your order, you will need to provide your order number in the confirmation mail that you received, plus the exact date you wish to use your order to
• The availability of the facility (hotel, restaurant, cinema and similar service points) will be checked first by our company and your order will be met according to the availability of the facility. Approval of the installation is required in this regard.
• After confirmation of the facility, a confirmation / reference number (Voucher) will be sent to you by our company. You will be accompanied by a document with this confirmation / reference number (Voucher) and you will receive service.

• There is no cancellation right after making reservations.
• Orders are not processed without confirmation / reference number (voucher) on premises.
• Prices are not valid on special days, such as holidays, New Year, semester, official holidays.

Reservations made on the same day are not processed and the reservations must be made at least 3 days before the desired date, provided that they are used within the expiry date of the service.

This product is a travel product, not shipped with shipping.