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Cellularline Manta Wireless External Charger 8000mA Black

Brand: Cellularline



Freepower Manta 8000 Wireless is the thin, fast and powerful portable charger made with lithium polymer cells and equipped with a dual Fast Charge and wireless charging USB port designed with Qi technology, so it’s perfect for wirelessly charging any compatible devices. Thanks to its simultaneous charging, you can charge your phone and powerbank at the same time using a single charger, while the elastic fastening system included in the pack lets you use wireless charging even on the go. Freepower Manta 8000 Wireless is equipped with a practical digital LED display that shows the exact residual charge level, so it’s simpler and easier to know when it’s time to recharge the power bank. Last but not least, the lightweight and ultra-thin design created with soft-touch, non-slip material makes it a practical, functional accessory that looks great too.

  • Battery capacity: 8000 mAh
  • Designed with Qi technology: safely charges any device compatible with Qi wireless charging
  • Dual fast charge USB port for fast charging at 2A for any device with USB charging
  • Fast Recharge: recharges much more quickly using the Micro-USB input
  • Micro-USB charge cable included
  • Simultaneous charging: charges the portable charger and the device at the same time with a single charger
  • Sistema di fissaggio elastico per garantire portabilità unitamente alla carica wireless