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e-cerez Online Shopping 50 TL Discount Coupon


e-cerez  Online Shopping 50 TL Discount Coupon

50 TL discount coupon valid for purchases of 250 TL and over on e-cerez.com

From nuts to natural products, from spices to dried fruits…

E-cerez brings you many organic and healthy snack products as well as nuts.

Campaign Conditions:
• It is necessary to make shopping transactions by logging in as a member on e-cerez.com site.
• Cannot be combined with other campaigns and discounted products.
• The digital discount code will provide 50 TL discount for your online shopping over 250 TL.
• Discount codes are for single use only. Codes cannot be combined.

Discount Conditions:
• A digital discount code will be sent to you by our company. You can get discounted service with this code.
• Discount discounts are unique.
• Cannot be combined with other discounts.
• Nothing happens after the digital discount code is cancelled.
• Discount coupons are not available from the digital discount.

Valid Until: 01.01.2023

• There is no cancellation right after sending the code.
• Orders are not processed without a confirmation / discount code (voucher).
• Your digital codes are processed and sent to you after 3 working days following the order date.
• Discounts are not valid on special days determined by the facility, such as holidays, New Year, semester, public holidays.

The code order must be made at least 3 business days in advance. We recommend that you give your order a week in advance to avoid being affected by the intensity of the weekend.

This product is a coupon product, not shipped by carg