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FunLab Entertainment World 300 TL Discount Coupon

Brand: Biggtravel



FunLab Entertainment World 300 TL Discount Coupon

FunLab is a family entertainment center offering entertainments for everyone from 7 to 77.
This coupon is only valid at FunLab Fun World 500 TL and above Funlab Card downloads.

• Cevahir Shopping Mall / İstanbul
• Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall / Istanbul
• Emaar Square AVM / Istanbul
• Buyaka Shopping Mall / İstanbul
• AHL Park / Çorum
• NeoPlus Shopping Center (Vega Outlet) / Eskişehir
• CityMall / Gazimagusa

About the Discount:
• Digital discount coupons must be used until 01.01.2020.
• This coupon is valid at all branches of FunLab Entertainment World.
• Prices are valid during holidays, New Year's Eve, semester and public holidays.
• The card can be used within the required days and hours until the last validity.
• Your discount will not be processed without your voucher containing your discount code.

Discount Conditions:
• A digital discount code will be sent by our company. This code is valid only at the ticket office.
• Discount coupons are not valid on special days.
• Discount coupons are for single use only.
• Cannot be combined with other discounts.
• There is no cancellation right after sending your digital discount code.

Valid Until:01.01.2020

• There is no cancellation right after sending the code.
• Orders are not processed without a confirmation / discount code (voucher).
• Your digital codes are processed and sent to you after 3 working days following the order date.
• Discounts are valid on special days determined by the facility, such as holidays, New Year, semester, public holidays.

Code order must be given in minimum 3 working days in advance. We recommend that you give your order a week in advance to avoid being affected by the intensity of the weekend.

This product is a coupon product, not shipped by cargo.