ICECO YCD90 12 / 24Volt 220Volt 90 Liter Double Compartment Outdoor Auto Refrigerator / Freezer with Compressor I Shop&Miles


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ICECO YCD90 12 / 24Volt 220Volt 90 Liter Double Compartment Outdoor Auto Refrigerator / Freezer with Compressor

Brand: Iceco


• ICECO YCD90 12 / 24Volt 220Volt 90 Liter Double Compartment Outdoor Compressor Auto Fridge / Freezer

• Possibility to use in all vehicles and all places with 220Volt electricity by connecting to both 220Volt mains electricity and 12V and 24V vehicle cigarette lighter input,

• Possibility to use in all vehicles by connecting to 12V and 24V car cigarette lighter input,

• Thanks to its feature of working with 24V, it is possible to use it in all vehicles with 24V lighter output such as heavy duty machines, trucks, buses, vans, boats, yachts, caravans,

• With 90 liter double compartment (40 liter + 50 liter) large-volume cooler / freezer capacity, many products can be chilled / frozen easily,

• With the digital indicator (Thermostat), the desired degree can be adjusted clearly and accurately, so you can safely store your food, drinks, medicines and all other perishable foods at the desired temperature and carry them in your vehicle,

• Thanks to the special digital display, it is possible to adjust the compartments independently from each other to the desired degree and to save energy with the feature of completely closing the desired section

• Double compartment usage with the possibility of cooling and freezing from -18⁰C to + 10⁰ degrees regardless of the ambient temperature,

• Possibility to use both compartments as cooler or freezer,

• Thanks to its super fast cooling feature, it cools your food from room temperature to 0 ° C in 15 minutes.

• It provides compact usage, fast and effective cooling thanks to its superior Italian design.

• You can set the desired temperature / cold degree easily and clearly thanks to the high precision LED illuminated digital display.

• You can see the charge level of your vehicle's battery and adjust it according to the battery voltage option, thanks to the high precision LED illuminated digital display.

• You can choose two different temperature units ⁰C (Degrees Celsius) / F (Fahrenheit) thanks to the high-precision LED illuminated digital display,

• You can use your refrigerator in two different features, with lower energy consumption in the ECO option or with the fast cooling / freezing option in the MAX option, thanks to the high precision LED illuminated Digital display.

• Thanks to the interior lighting system of both compartments, it provides comfortable use even in dark areas,

• Thanks to the removable basket in two separate chambers, the cooler prevents your frozen food from sticking to the cooler walls, accelerates the air flow and saves time and energy by providing faster cooling


• Ability to cool and freeze all your food and beverages up to -18 ° C,

• Ability to increase the temperature of all your frozen food and beverages up to + 10 ° C and defrost,

• Possibility of preserving the temperature of frozen foods for a long time without thawing, thanks to the special insulation in the inner and outer cases,

• With ECO or MAX options, you can use your cooler more efficiently and save electricity.

• ICECO vehicle refrigerator, cooler and freezer are designed to operate in hot weather even outdoors with superior performance. Since all of the inner side walls are designed with a special cooling system, it can be easily operated as a freezer with the adjustment to be made on the digital thermostat.

• The cooling system of your car refrigerator with compressor has the same operating principle as the refrigerator in your home and is produced only with a specially designed compressor, so unlike the refrigerator in your home, your vehicle can run smoothly even when it is moving.

• High starting current protection is controlled by the integrated micro-computer and it works very quietly and without vibration with superior motor and compressor technology, so it works longer life and smoothly and silently.


• With the CAR FRIDGE mobile application that you can download to your Android or IOS compatible mobile phone, you can control all the settings from your mobile phone without going to your refrigerator while traveling with Bluetooth connection,

• You can set your refrigerator's cooling temperature, battery voltage protection level, turn your refrigerator on and off, and control the cooling temperature of your refrigerator on your mobile application via the mobile application.

• Thanks to the integrated micro-computer, it does not damage your vehicle battery, it automatically turns off when the voltage of your vehicle battery drops, automatically when the voltage of your vehicle battery returns to normal value.

Rack works again, this process is entirely managed by the micro-computer, thus preventing the refrigerator from overheating.

• Impact resistant high quality polyurethane casing and covers provide more cooling / freezing performance with minimum heat loss thanks to the insulated body,

• Heat-insulated lid and body structure specially designed to preserve frozen food and beverages for up to 72 hours,

Robust ABS body and cabinet doors resistant to impacts and UV rays,

Specially designed door hinge and door lock mechanism provide long-lasting ease of use,

Easy to carry thanks to the double-sided handle, robust handles with special mechanism that can be automatically closed,

• The opportunity to carry your food with you for a long time without spoiling in all activities such as camping, picnic, beach, hunting, nature sports, fishing with the possibility of mobile use in all vehicles suitable for 12V / 24Volt / 220Volt use,

• The opportunity to keep all your food and beverages by cooling or freezing up to -18 ° C during intercity travels,


• Provides maximum thermal insulation thanks to the special wide gasket integrated into the covers,

• 2.5 liter bottles can be placed upright easily,

• Easy-to-clean internal cooling walls designed for maximum hygiene and drain plugs that allow the discharge of waste water of melted ice after cleaning,

• Provides robust construction and improved thermal insulation thanks to the aluminum coated inner frame,

• High quality polypropylene cover, superior insulation properties, ease of use, superior design and performance, robust construction provides efficient use for a long time,

• Thanks to its wide design, it provides the opportunity to fill your food or beverages easily,

Has all international quality and health certificates such as CE / TÜV / GS,

Product dimensions: W: 52cm x H: 46.5cm x L: 92cm

• Inner chamber dimensions 1st Compartment: 41cm x 35cm x 37cm

• Inner chamber dimensions 2nd Compartment: 41cm x 35cm x 18cm - 19cm x 15cm

• Weight: 32Kg

• ICECO, the world's leading auto refrigerator manufacturer with an annual production capacity of 800,000 pieces.

• ICECO, with its professional R&D team and 127 patented technologies, is the world's largest auto refrigerator manufacturer.

• Approved auto refrigerator manufacturer of many automotive manufacturers such as ICECO, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, Cadillac, Scania.

• ICECO offers superior technology with its patented products with many international awards, especially German Reddot and American IDEA.