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Josephine's Roses Facial Cream Set


Everything you need to take care all of your skin concerns can be found in this Josephine’s Roses Facial Cream Set. Featuring three products SPF 15 Day Cream, Eye Contour Care Cream and Night Cream makes your AM and PM routines by prevention, protection and correction so that your skin remains healthy and radiant. Because everything you're putting on your face in this set is natural. We revive skin's natural beauty, balance and health. Our products gently cleanse, refine and hydrate skin. The result is a smooth, nourished complexion, glowing with natural health.

SPF 15 Day Cream is a daily moisture that provides UVA/UVB protection while leaving skin feeling comfortable and soothed. This face moisturizer features an elegant, gentle formula and an easy application texture. It also creates a smooth, optimal canvas for makeup application. Its light design blends into skin easily with a matte finish. Ideal for sensitive, normal, dry, oily, combination skin types.

The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than other areas of the face, and the first to show signs of damage and aging. Eye Contour Care Cream has a powerful, yet gentle plant-based ingredients to nourish and smooth skin around the eye. It features a synergistic combination of Fucus Vesiculosus to help improve the appearance of this delicate area. Ideal for sensitive, normal, dry, oily, combination skin types. Formulated for daytime and nighttime use, this targeted skincare product is designed for a more youthful and bright eyes..

Night Cream is formulated to help improving the signs of aging skin. This is an age protect wrinkle cream for women to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and restore the loss of firmness for a a bright complexion, radiance and glowing skin based on the amazing properties of Rosa Damascena Flowers. This regenerating hydrating face moisturizer is a unique facial skin care product to take care of your skin in a healthy way. It is a natural alternative to retinol and alpha hydroxy acids that gently accelerates cell regeneration and collagen production. The formula features exclusive combination of rose extracts and an essential mineral complex to provide multiple anti-aging benefits.