Kenwood KMX750AR Kmix 5 Lt 1000 W Kitchen Chef Dough Mixer - Red I Shop&Miles


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Kenwood KMX750AR Kmix 5 Lt 1000 W Kitchen Chef Dough Mixer - Red

Brand: Kenwood


Kenwood KMX760YG Kmix Limited Edition 1000 Watt Kitchen Chef Dough Mixer Chrome




To keep the consistency of happiness

Whisking Apparatus



Dough Hook
The sturdy dough hook kneads all types of dough, from butter buns to crunchy breads, pizza to pasta.


It is used to make cakes, biscuits, pastry products, coating, fillings, eclairs and mashed potatoes.


Powerful Whisk
With the powerful whisk you can make eggs, pastry dough, meringue, cheesecake, mousse, soufflés, very well rising cakes, whisk even the heaviest cream and mix the butter evenly for the best rise.

Anti-Splash Cover

It prevents the material in the bowl from splashing around during operation. Thanks to its wide material channel, it provides the opportunity to add material without opening the cover.


Intelligent Speed Adjustment

Flour, salt, sugar, etc. Intelligent speed setting, gradually increasing to prevent spreading when adding ingredients.

Power: 1000 Watt
Hopper Capacity: 5 Lt
Dough Hook: Yes
K-Beater: Yes
Whisk: Yes
Anti-Splash Cover: Yes
Intelligent Speed Adjustment: Yes