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Lab3D 100 TL Digital Gift Certificates

Brand: Lab3d



The purchased code cannot be returned.
More than one code can be used in one purchase.
It is valid for 1 year from the date of dispatch.
Products will be prepared individually.
In case of usage below check amount, there is no refund of residual balance.
 The voucher is valid at Since the products are personal, you can contact us by calling 0530 234 58 86 or for the product you want to buy.

What do we do?

We make 3D modeling and printing according to your wishes.

For example;

You want an original decorative or useful item for your home or office, we create according to your wishes.
Whether you are an architect, engineer, designer or student, you want to show your project with a real model, not on a computer screen, we will create it for you as soon as possible.
You want to tell us what your company does in fairs and presentations with 3D objects, we create video for you.
While doing all these, we support you with our design consultancy on the products that are all prepared for you.