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Lezzetlicicek.com %30 Discount Coupon

Brand: Biggtravel



Lezzetlicicek.com %30 Discount Coupon

Discount is available on www.lezzetlicicek.com.

Discount rate is valid for products with 100 TL or more. Additional products and road fees are not discountable. Lezzetlicicek providing Turkey with the most common flower delivery can request daily fresh flowers sent to both of you can choose which shipping option from both private resistant flowers.

Discount Conditions:
• Our discount code is only valid in the above mentioned service and conditions.
• A digital discount code will be sent to you by our company. You can get discount service with this code.
• Discount coupons are for single use only.
• Cannot be combined with other discounts.
• There is no cancellation right after sending digital discount code.
• Discount coupons are not processed without a digital discount code.

Valid Until: 28.12.2019

• There is no cancellation right after sending the code.
• Orders are not processed without a confirmation / discount code (voucher).
• Your digital codes are processed and sent to you after 3 working days following the order date.
• Discounts are valid on special days determined by the facility, such as holidays, New Year, semester, public holidays.

Code order must be given in minimum 3 working days in advance. We recommend that you give your order a week in advance to avoid being affected by the intensity of the weekend.

This product is a coupon product, not shipped by cargo.