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Monopoly Fortnite

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Survive and conquer locations, fight your opponents, and escape the storm in this exciting Fortnite version of the Monopoly game! Monopoly Fortnite, inspired by the popular video game, includes locations and Treasure Chest objects from the video game. Instead of Monopoly money, players get health points. Decide on one of 27 styles to choose your character before starting the game. Use Treasure Chest objects and action dice to fight your opponents! Action membrane; Allows you to collect health points, build walls, and damage opponents. Treasure Chest cards give you epic items that will make these actions even more powerful! When you pass your START point, you start the storm! Run away from the storm or you will lose health points! Like in the Fortnite video game, the last player standing wins the game! Includes: playground, 27 character cards with plastic stands, 15 Storm cards, 16 location cards, 16 Treasure Chest cards, 8 Wall cards, # 1 dice, 1 action dice and stickers, 110 Health Points stamps, and game guide. MONOPOLY FORTNITE BOX GAME - Fortnite fans! This version of the Monopoly game is inspired by the popular Fortnite video game! This time, the important thing is not what you have, but how long you can survive! FOR FORTNITE FANS - Capture locations, fight your opponents and escape the storm in the Monopoly Fortnite board game with 2 to 7 players. The last player standing wins the game. FORTNITE LOCATIONS AND HEALTH POINTS - The Monopoly Fortnite board game features well-known locations of the video game rather than plots. Instead of Monopoly money, players try to earn health points stamps to stay in the game. BATTLE YOUR COMPETITORS - Use Treasure Chest objects and action dice to fight your opponents in this fun box game for Monopoly and Fortnite fans ages 13 and up. CHOOSE A STYLE - The game includes 27 Fortnite outfits with their plastic stands and players can choose to play with their favorite style. Played with 2 to 7 players aged 13 and over. Age Group: Above 13 years old Approximate Box Size: 4 x 40 x 27 cm