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Oilwise Argan Hair Serum

Brand: Oilwise


The use of argan oil, which has increased as its benefits have been discovered in recent years, is obtained from the seeds of the fruits of the "argania spinosa" tree. The miraculous oil that shines with its golden color contains plenty of vitamins E and A in its content. It is ideal for your hair care thanks to its rich content. The moment you apply it to the hair, it takes care of both your scalp and hair strands, eliminating dryness on your skin, solving your dandruff problem and repairing your worn hair strands. By creating a protection shield around your hair strands, it minimizes the damage (break or rupture) that may occur to your hair during blow-drying, drying and combing processes applied to your hair in your daily life, and provides a healthy and rapid growth. Argan oil eliminates the matte appearance in your hair with its natural shine from its golden color and gives it its natural vitality. The fact that the argan oil you apply to your hair has natural content is important for you to see its beneficial effects at the maximum level. When impure, processed argan oil is treated with any chemical treatment, its effects are reduced. Show your hair the value it deserves with the 100% natural oilwise argan care serum!