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Rowenta RH9293WO Air Force Flex Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Brand: Rowenta



Rowenta RH9293WO Air Force Flex Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Flex technology: with slim, elegant suction nozzle and rigid sweep tube.

"With the Air Force Flex 460 rechargeable vacuum cleaner, excellent performance is brought to a new dimension.
Effortlessly experience the new rechargeable vacuum cleaner, enjoy ingenious and flexible design that pulls up to 5 times more dust under low furniture thanks to its unique performance and power! The high performance wireless electric supercharger can be transformed into a hand vacuum cleaner with a single action. The "Power Slim Vision" "suction nozzle provides unmatched convenience and thorough cleaning results on all floor types, while various accessories help you easily clean any surface with just one click."
The AIR FORCE FLEX 460 cordless vacuum cleaner
Enjoy the experience of the Air Force Flex 460 cordless vacuum cleaner with a flexible tube that reaches up to 5 floors under low furniture without bending. Easily clean dust from anywhere and discover a high comfort experience with perfect cleaning results on all surfaces. Experience high-performance lithium-ion battery power for up to 30 minutes. * This cordless vacuum cleaner, which is fast and highly mobile on flat floors, has been produced for you to experience unmatched performance. The unique nozzle - with LED lights designed to clearly see dust - and integrated brushes clean every part of your home, from floor to ceiling: flexible performance under parquet, tiles, carpets, under low furniture and between furniture. The Air Force Flex 460 is included in a mini electric brush and an ideal pet grooming kit for pet owners. "

Rowenta AIR FORCE FLEX 460 - RH9293 Animal Care - Cordless Handstick
• Beautiful design to reach everywhere: the flexible tube design allows you to sweep efficiently without bending anywhere • A wireless vacuum cleaner that turns into a special hand vacuum cleaner for nuts and cornices or a hand vacuum cleaner for cleaning high places. • Unique "Power Slim Vision. "Motorized suction head (up to 6.500 RPM) provides optimum performance in low-light areas or on all floors (tiles, parquet, carpet, etc.) for easy cleaning under furniture. • Impressive feature that will never let you down: 3 Thanks to the 21.9V Lithium-Ion battery combined with hourly fast charging, it provides deep cleaning performance for up to 30 minutes when using it in standard position, helping you to clean it wherever and whenever you want without restriction. Thanks to its unique head with LED lights, it can be used from hard floors to carpets and rugs. • Special Pet kit: a mini motorized brush for deep cleaning and a crevice nozzle to sweep pet hair and easily remove dust everywhere. It is also available with a seat brush for cleaning surfaces and furniture fabrics, and a convenient charging base for storing 2 accessories with it. , push and release trigger, product weight is specially designed for users.

Excellent dust access and dust collection technology
Flexibility and excellent traction are combined so you can reach every corner of your home. No matter how high or low it is, this broom has 5 times more access under furniture, leaving no space to hide in dust.

Flexible structure that allows cleaning everywhere
Clean your entire home with perfect and surprising ease without bending or getting tired thanks to the flex pipe.
Long lasting performance
30 minutes run time *: 21.9 Volt Lithium-ion battery and only 3 hours charging time allow you to clean whenever and wherever you want. * In the high power Standard position, in hand vacuum mode.
Fast and perfect cleaning of floors and high areas
Achieve fast and flawless cleaning, from hard floors to carpets, with its special sweeping head equipped with LED lights. Access under furniture and all surfaces thanks to the flex pipe.
Excellent long-term cleaning performance
Air Force Cyclonic Technology, built for non-clogging use like traditional filters, provides high levels of air and dust separation for long-term cleaning performance.
Smart features and great comfort
All details of Air Force have been perfected to make your life easier; bagless and cordless cleaning, highly ergonomic handle, push & drop function, lightweight body.
A full set of accessories providing vehicle and pet care
Includes accessories specifically for pet owners: mini turbo head ideal for deep cleaning and hair removal