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Rowenta TN8931 MultiStyle 7in1 Shaver

Brand: Rowenta


Rowenta TN8931 MultiStyle 7in1 Shaver

7-in-1 for Easy and Versatile Styling

Look sharp every day quickly thanks to the Multistyle 7-in-1 Shaver that shapes your beard and cuts your hair with high performance and efficiency.

High Cutting Performance

100% stainless steel blades provide a fast and efficient cut in one go, even on dense hair.

Long Term Sharpness

Self-sharpening technology ensures high performance in the long run.

Perfect Hair Styling

The 44mm extra wide hair cap is perfect for cutting your hair in one go. 4 different fixed combs (3 mm - 6 mm - 9 mm - 12 mm) give you various options for styling your hair. Minimum cutting length 1 mm (without comb)

Personalized Beard Shaping

Choose your style as you wish, thanks to the adjustable beard comb, 1 mm sensitivity setting and 5 different cutting lengths between 3 - 7 mm. Minimum cutting length 1 mm (without comb)

Knives are manufactured to last for 15 years

As Rowenta, we believe that all styles are important and we pay special attention to the designs of our products. That's why our knives are built to provide 15 years of flawless results* *Blade durability tested in-house on 30 products under Groupe SEB protocols, 2020

Long Term Wireless Use

NiMH battery with a usage time of up to 60 minutes* for at least one complete and detailed shaving session (*may vary depending on the accessories used)

Effortless Cutting and Shaping Sessions

Wired / wireless use options: feel no restraint while cutting.

Easy To Clean

Washable and removable blades for easy cleaning and improved hygiene