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Stanley X500 500Kg Professional Scissor Lift Platform



Stanley X500 500Kg Professional Scissor Lift Platform

• Stanley Manual Scissor load platform allows you to easily carry, carry, lower and lift your loads and use them like a bench.

• You can easily carry your heavy loads thanks to the special bearing wheels.

• It allows you to lift and transport loads up to 500Kg thanks to the reinforced hydraulic pump, specially developed with superior Stanley technology.

• The hydraulic system increases safety and protects your products,

• Hydraulic system platform allows you to lift or lower to the height you want.

• Thanks to the safety arm, it prevents the scissors from going down when the platform is fully lifted and protects the user in case of any danger.

• The possibility of fast lifting thanks to the foot pedal and the possibility of safely lowering your loads to the desired level thanks to the lowering latch on the handle.

• Provides maximum safety thanks to practical caster brakes,

• Single scissor hydraulic manual platform is used for carrying and raising loads with a carrying capacity of 500kg. It is especially suitable for use in the molding industry.

• The opportunity to transport your valuable materials smoothly and safely.

• Long-lasting use in all conditions with its steel body structure.

• Hydraulic lift system that can easily be raised to the desired level with the foot pedal.

• Platform discounts can be done in a controlled manner.

• Thanks to its overload protection, it protects the user and the hydraulic pump by not lifting the loads above its capacity.

• It can be used in markets, warehouses, mold houses, workshops, maintenance workshops, automobile factories, heavy industry, stock areas, white goods factories and all similar industrial areas,

Versatile use with 2 castors / movable wheels, 2 fixed wheels,

Sturdy and durable structure with special steel trusses and steel construction,

Safe usage opportunity thanks to special brake system,

Lifting Capacity: 500Kg

• Min. Table Height: 340mm

• Max. Table Height: 900mm

Lift Height: 560mm

• Max. Pumping Number for Height: 45

• Table Dimensions: 855x500x50mm

Wheel Diameter: 127mm Polyurethane

• Weight: 87Kg