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1-How can I become a member?


Please visit and click on the New Member button to be a member.

2- How can I log in?


Please visit and click on the “Log In” button on the top right of the page to enter the website with your Miles&Smiles membership account.

3- I forgot my PIN number. What should I do?

Visit and click Log In. Click on “Pin Problems” under the “Enter” button.



1- I am a Miles&Smiles member. How can I make a payment on the website?

Miles&Smiles members who log in to the website to place an order can make their payments in 3 different ways.

  • Payment with only Miles
  • Miles+Money (Miles+ Online payment with Credit Card) (For Turkey only)
  • Money (Online payment with credit card) (For Turkey only)

2- How can I make a payment with Miles?

You can order a product from with the miles in your Miles&Smiles account.

3- How can I make a payment with Miles+Money in the Shop&Miles Programme?

In case you do not have enough miles to redeem, you can top up the rest or even pay for the whole sum with your credit card. This is possible only for Turkey for the time being.

4- How can I pay without using my Miles? (with my credit card)

If you do not have enough miles to redeem or if you would like to use your credit card instead of your Miles, you can make the payment with your credit card on the payment section.

Card holders make their payments securely. Credit card informations are used on the momentary authorization section – under Rapid SSL security system. No card details are kept in the system.


5- Can I make the payment by instalments with my credit card?

You can make your payment with instalment with certain credit cards and on Shop&Miles Turkey website only.

Late payment interest rates are stated on website, please review these before your payment carefully.

ATTENTION: According to the legislation, the instalment by payment is prohibited in telecommunication, jewelry, food, cosmetics, office stuff and gift checks.


1-      I would like to place an order on How can I place an order?

Please first become a member and log in to the system and add the product you chose to the cart. Then proceed as below:

1. To confirm your cart please open and read the “I read, understand and accept the terms and conditions” section on the right bottom of the page and if it is appropriate for you confirm by clicking the CONFIRM box. Then click on the “Complete Order” button and proceed.

2. Submit your Billing Address: If you have a billing address that you have submitted previously, click on the “Bill to this address ”. If you don’t have a registered billing address please fill in the “NEW Address” fields at the bottom of the page and click on the “Next“ button.

3. Submit your delivery address: When you click on “Bill to this address”, the page is updated and comes the “Ship to this address” button in front of you. Click and proceed.

4. You will see the Shipping cost in the new screen. You can pay the shipping cost with Miles or money. If you prefer money option, you will be required your credit card information. Please click the “Next” button on the right.

5. You will see the delivery address in the new screen. If the address is correct click the “Confirm” button. When you click “Confirm” your miles and money (if available) will be redeemed and your order will be completed.

Order Placement in 3 hours on the Web site ( TOKEN TIME )

Please note that you are allowed to remain on the web site and place your order not longer than 3 hours due to security issues. If you remain longer than 3 hours and still try to place an order, the order shall be unsuccessful. In that case you can send us an e-mail ( and inquire the status of your order.However, please note that SHOP&MILES can not be held responsible for “ unsuccessful “ orders when / if Miles expire owing to customers remaining on the web site for more than 3 hours.

2-      Can I delete the items in my cart?

You can delete the item in your cart by clicking the red X button on the right side of the item.


3-      How should I know I placed my order successfully?

You receive a confirmation e-mail in your registered e-mail address after you place your order sucessfully.

4-      I placed my order however I want to change my address, what should I do?

Address change is only possible via registered e-mail address. However the address can not be changed if the dispatch paper/invoice has already been prepared.

5-      How can I follow my order?

You can view your order history by clicking your TK membership number on the top right corner of the homepage and then by clicking “Orders” under “My Account” section.


Or you can call our call center from 444 9 877 for your enquiries.

6-      My order has failed but miles are drawn from my account. What should I do?

If your order has failed, miles are not drawn from your account. Please log out from and then log in again. You will see your miles in your account.


If your miles are drawn, please send an e-mail to to claim your miles. You will be informed after the investigation is completed.



1-      When will my order be delivered?

At busy times like Bayram / New Year ‘ s, products that are not in Sanal Magaza stocks would come into the warehouse with delays.
Once they arrive they are dispatched with the cargo courier company as fast as possible, however, please note that there may be delays.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

2-      I haven’t received my order yet. What should I do?

You can follow your order from “My Account” section. For those orders that exceed the supply timeframe you can reach our call center from 444 9 877 to inquire your order.

About DELIVERY Address

Deliveries are made via courier company to the address. Please fill in all address areas in Shipping section of the checkout.


When there is MORE THAN 1 ITEM in an ORDER:

If there is more than 1 item in an order the products are shipped seperately not to keep you waiting. The shipping cost is charged only for the first dispatch and not charged for other dispatches.



1-      How will I recieve my invoice?

If you have made the payment with only money or miles+money, the money amount of your payment will be invoiced and the invoice will be sent to the “Billing Address” that you have submitted while placing your order.

2-      My order is invoiced but I want to change my delivery address, what should I do?

Address change is only possible via registered e-mail address. Please send an e-mail to regarding the issue.



1-      Is there a warranty of the Rewards I ordered?

All items are under manufacturer and seller warranty. For the malfunction that occures after the item is received from the Cargo, our customers should apply to the manufacturer or seller company.


2-      How can I return my order?

You can return an item within 14 days after you receive it from the Cargo by applying to

-Return items should be unused and in original packaging. It should be sent with standard accessories in full and good condition.

-The invoice should be sent along with the item.

3- How shall I receive the item from the Cargo?

You should open the parcel and control your orders in front of the Cargo courier personnel. If there is any damage or missing part in any of the items, don’t accept the parcel and prepare an official report with the Cargo courier personnel. With the acception of the Cargo, you approve that the Cargo company completed its responsibility and that you can’t return the item because the item is damaged or is missing parts.


4- I want to return the mobile phone in my order. How can I do it?

Mobile phone, smart phone and tablet PCs shall not be used and the seal sticker shall not be removed, the item shall be damage or scratch free. The item must be in good and complete condition with its original packaging.

5- Which items can not be returned?

-For mobile phone, smart phone, tablet PCs and cameras the seal sticker shall not have been removed. It should be free from damage, scratch and liquid contact on the screen or any other part.

-Items which are manufactured according to the consumer’s demands or her/his personal needs and are not suitable to return by nature, or which have the risk of rotting and/or exceed the expiration date can not be returned.

-Cosmetic and personal care products, software, processor (CPU), DVD, VCD, CD and cassettes, computer and stationary such as toner and cartridge, can be returned only if their packages are not opened.

-Hygienic products (such as underwear), supermarket products (such as food) and publishings (such as newspaper, magazines..) can not be returned.

-Products that are priced in stock exchange markets (gold products) can not be returned.

6- What should I do if my order is malfunctioning?

You should apply to the authorized service center for the malfunctions that occures after the order is delivered.

7- I want to cancel and return my order. How will I have my miles/money refunded?

If you spent Miles, they will be refunded to your Miles&Smiles credit card, if you spent Money it will be refunded to your credit card.

8- I didn’t receive the item I ordered. What should I do?

If you received an item other than what you have ordered, you can return the item unused and with original packaging to Sanal Magaza A.S. address via Yurtiçi Kargo. The right item will be shipped to you after the return item is received by Sanal Magaza.



1-How much will I pay for shipping?

You can see the shipping cost on the CARGO step in the checkout.

2-Where can I see my cargo tracking and delivery information?

Your order will be sent to the delivery address you submitted in the system. To follow your orders, please log in to the website and click your TK membership number on the top right corner of the homepage and then click “Orders” under My Account section. Or you can call our call center from 444 9 877 to inquire the status of your order.



Shop&Miles call center serves on weekdays between 09:00 am – 06:00 pm. Please reach us from this phone number: 444 9 877.