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Program details

Turkish Airlines’ Miles&Smiles frequent-flyer program offers a whole host of benefits, and you can earn Miles when you fly and shop. With the Miles you earn, you can buy award tickets and upgrades, and shop at the Shop&Miles store.


Earning Miles

As a Miles&Smiles member, you’ll earn Miles on Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance member airline flights. In addition to this, you can earn Miles when purchasing services from our program partners, like hotel booking, vehicle rental, healthcare, training and insurance, as well as when you shop at the Shop&Miles store. You can also earn Mile when you shop with your Miles&Smiles credit card.


Spending Miles

With the Miles you earn on the Miles&Smiles program, you can take advantage of a range benefits, depending on your membership status. With your Miles, you can purchase domestic and international award tickets for yourself of your loved ones. You can also use Miles to get free updates. To shop with your Miles, visit the Shop&Miles website.


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