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It is the members’ responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the terms and conditions both down below this paragraph and on the catalogue web site at the adress : www.tr.shopandmiles.com

Please note that changes to the Miles&Smiles frequent flyer program and / or Shop&Miles Catalogue ( including the web site ) may occur at any time and without prior notification to the members. In this regard members are required to monitor the www.shopandmiles.com web site for any possible changes.

This programme is operated by Sanal Mağaza and / or its partners.

Turkish Airlines and / or Sanal Mağaza reserves the right to interpret and apply these terms and conditions in its sole discretion.

Please note that Turkish Law applies.

Please note the following details :

All items / rewards come in under their individual producers ' / importers ' guarantees and warranty conditions. When you have received the item please read the conditions and the certificates of warranty carefully.

All items / rewards are limited by stocks. In case an item you ' ve chosen is not in the stocks, Sanal Mağaza and / or its partners reserves the right to cancel the order or send you an alternative item.

Please note that there may be differences in the model / color / design of the items.
Mil values may change on a daily basis.

In the Shop&Miles Catalogue, Turkish Airlines and / or Sanal Mağaza reserves the right to remove any item, exchange an existing item with an alternative one, add a new item, or change the mile / price value of any item in the catalogue, anytime. Our company can not be held responsible for typographic errors ( on product names, prices, properties ).
Products cannot be ordered with any commercial purposes. Items dispatched by Sanal Magaza can not be exploited for any commercial purpose. In these cases, Sanal Magaza reserves the right to cancel or edit orders in its sole discretion.



Please note that all items for which orders are placed must be delivered to the address within the particular country you are the residence of.
In other words, if you have chosen Turkey upon the entrance then the destination address of the item must be within Turkey, if Germany within Germany, etc.

All orders are delivered to the particular country that is selected upon the entrance of the Shopandmiles.com

Please note that choosing a wrong country that does not match with the address information results in a failed delivery which will NOT be refundable

Those items (such as White goods, Air Conditioning goods and/or or TV sets such as that of Philips, SONY, SAMSUNG and similar brands, etc ) must be installed by the authorised dealers. Please do not set up / install them on your own, otherwise guarantees would not be affective and items could not be returned.ATTENTION: For  32” (82 cm with diagonal measurement) and smaller Televisions, the manufacturer charges for installation via authorized service. Please pay attention; this cost is being covered by the buyer.

Please follow the directions provided by the brands and / or authorised dealers in each country.

Items / Rewards in the Catalogue can not be turned into cash in any way.

All items ( unless otherwise stated ) are delivered to your address by the Cargo Courier companies. In this regard please fill in the address parts of your order form completely.

Please check the items to see if there is any damage or missing parts before you sign the Cargo Courier submission form to accept the delivery. Please do not sign the form if you have detected any shortcoming ( damages, missing parts, wrong items ) and return the item to the Cargo Courier right away. Please note that no complaints regarding damaged or missing parts / items shall be accepted after you have signed the Cargo Courier submission form.

For any inquiries or questions regarding your Miles&Smiles account, please contact the Turkish Airlines Customer Service at 444 0 849 / 0850 333 0 849  or fill the online feedback form https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-tr/any-questions/customer-relations/index.html 

Magazine Subscriptions

Subscriptions to the magazines begin one month after the order is submitted. To give you an example, if a member places a magazine subscription order on March, 5th 2015, his / her subscription begins after the first week of April and the delivery of the magazines is made within the same month.

Please read the Terms and Conditions on shopandmiles.com web site carefully for each TV Subscription packages (Sports competitions, Films, etc.) on the relevant product pages.

Digital Gift Cheques / Vouchers

Please note that :

1 ) All gift cheques / vouchers are to be used by the bearer who can be anyone who is holding the cheques / vouchers.

2 ) None of the cheques / vouchers can be cancelled or returned after having been ordered. Cancellation & Returns are not allowed once cheques / vouchers are ordered.

3 ) Digital codes / vouchers are processed and dispatched 3 days after orders are placed in the system.

4 ) Please read the terms & conditions of each cheque / voucher on its own specific product page.

5 ) All gift cheques / vouchers are good for maximum 11 months.

Pay with your Credit Cards and earn extra Miles

On tr.shopandmiles.com every 1 TL purchase by using your credit card classic and classic plus members  win 1 Mile; elite and elite plus members win 2 Miles.

Please note that there is no instalment to the credit card payments. Full amount is drawn from the account.

Credit Card payments can only be made by credit cards issued by the banks officially registered in Turkey for security reasons.

Please note that we are not going to be held responsible for orders that are addressed to ;

a)      Hotels,

b)      Cargo agencies/branches

c)       Airports

Please give us only home or Office/work addresses.

Thank you for your understanding.


Please note the following special rules and conditions for Travel Services & Experiences :

Unless stated otherwise, all travel products, services and experiences on the Shop&Miles Catalogue are operated and / or conducted by the On-Net Biggtravel Travel Agency, a part of Biggplus Group and Sanal Mağaza Inc.

Customer accepts all the terms and conditions specified here.

All travel products, services, reservations and experiences are provided in accordance with the availability of the products which is solely in the control of the product / service suppliers such as Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Organisers, etc. In case there is no availability, Sanal Mağaza / Biggtravel reserves the right to cancel the order.

Travel products, services, reservations and experiences are not applicable during Official / National / Religious Holidays, Special Days ( Valentine's Day ), New Years, Local Festival or Congress Days, etc.

Unless stated otherwise, all prices for hotel accommodations come in per person in a double room. Accomodation type ( Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, All Inclusive, etc. ) is stated along with the particular travel product / service. Please check each travel page and read the information on the accomodation type carefully before you complete your booking.

Compulsary travel insurance must be purchased seperately by the customers before the journey begins.

Cancellations of the reservations ( once they are confirmed by the supplier and Sanal Magaza ) solely depends on the rules and conditions along with all applicable penalties by the supplier are reflected on the customer.

Sanal Mağaza and Biggtravel are the go between agencies / parties for the travel services provided by each particular supplier. In this regard, neither Sanal Mağaza and Biggtravel nor Turkish Airlines can be held responsible for the undesired situations that are not within their control such as airline or any vehicle delays, reservation cancellations, baggage losses, passport and visa problems, etc. In such cases no refund request would be met.

Unless stated otherwise, all rooms are checked in earliest at 14:00 hours and checked out latest at 12:00 hours.

Customers are expected to be at the airport 3 hours before the take off for the international flights and 2 hours before the take off for the domestic flights.

Digital Gift Cheques / Vouchers and Cinemaximum movie ticket orders can not be cancelled or returned after having been ordered.

Digital codes / vouchers are processed and dispatched 3 days after orders are placed in the system.


All customers who do shopping at www.shopandmiles.com ( Both by way of mile redemptions and / or credit card payments ) are subject to the Warranty & Returns & Cancellations rules as follows :

All items / rewards come in under their individual producers ' / importers ' guarantees and warranty conditions. When you have received the item please read the conditions and the certificates of warranty carefully.

You can always return the items within the 1st week after you have received them, provided that items are not used whatsoever and they are returned in their original product boxes along with the invoice and the dispatch paper, to Sanal Magaza. Please contact Shop & Miles Call Center and follow the Return procedures.

We recommend that you apply to the official aftersales service branches of the brands or importer companies for defective or non-working merchandise and get a report defining the status of the problem. Your application to our company shall be considered in light of the reports given by those official aftersales service branches of the brands or importer companies.

For all your returns in Turkey , please send the items to the following address with the courier company ARAS KARGO:

Shop&Miles Catalogue, SANAL MAĞAZA Lojistik Merkezi, Veysel Karani Mah. Zaloğlu Rüstem Cad. No:5, 34885 Samandıra / İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

Please note the following information :

If an item is out of order, please contact the authorised service center of the brand in your region or city first for repairs. You can always contact Shop&Miles Call Center to receive assistance.

Return Policy for Special Products:

Once you have arrived intact the following products such as ELECTRONICS, MOBILE PHONES, COMPUTER etc., please observe the following conditions if you would like to return them within 14 days.
For telephones, cameras, computers, portable and video electronic devices; the product and / or packaging package / package / gelatin of the product package must not be opened. The protection tape on the screen of the product should not be removed in any way. There must be no scratches, damages, bumps, liquid contact, etc. on the product display or any other part of the appliance. Otherwise, the return will not be accepted.

All kinds of Cosmetic Products and Personal Care Products, All kinds of software, All kinds of CPU (CPU) Program, DVD, VCD, CD and Cassette, Computer and Stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, ribbon, etc.) packing box / parcel / gelatin must be unopened and in no way unused. Otherwise, the return will not be accepted.

All kinds of Hygienic products (such as underwear) cannot be returned in any way.

Products that may present a health hazard or are not to be reused after opening (such as any product that requires one-to-one contact with the body during use) cannot be returned in any way.

Consumers' special wishes or products that are clearly prepared in accordance with their personal needs which are not suitable for return, are in danger of rapid deterioration or are likely to pass the expiry date cannot be returned.

All kinds of FOOD products cannot be returned in any way.

Periodicals such as newspapers and magazines cannot be returned in any way.

The products that their prices determined in the stock market or other organized markets (gold group) cannot be returned in any way.

Gift Vouchers (Printed and / or Digital Checks / Codes / Discount Coupons) cannot be returned in any way.

In the case of defective products, you must first apply to the Authorized Technical Service of the respective manufacturer or importer. The applications you will make to our company will be evaluated in the light of the REPORTS that the Authorized Technical Services hold.


In case a member requests a return for an order placed at the end of the year (i.e. If an order is placed on December 1st and a return request is sent on January 5th) miles to be expired shall not be refunded to the member’s account.


E-Mail : musterihizmetleri@shopandmiles.com
Call Center : 444 9 877