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Tefal Meat Grinder 2000W HV4 White

Brand: Tefal


Tefal Meat Grinder 2000W HV4
Your powerful and compact meat grinder for daily recipes - meatballs, bolognese, burgers - quickly delivers perfect minced meat results and saves storage space in your kitchen.
Compact and powerful!
The HV4 NE411 is a compact and powerful meat grinder that allows you to prepare all your meat recipes, such as meatballs, burgers or bolognese. It can give power up to 2.3 kg per minute with a blocked motor power of 2000W. 3 stainless steel grates are available for fine, medium and coarse grits depending on your meal. Enjoy the easy cooking of homemade sausages thanks to the sculpted sausage accessory. It is easy to store thanks to its compactness and accessory storage space in the device body.
TEFAL MMC HV4 NE411 NE411837 compact 2000W 3 grid

• Compact and efficient meat grinder delivers up to 2.3 kg per minute thanks to its high 2000W motor power (motor blocking power) 3 stainless steel grills - thin and coarse - for different chopping results depending on the dishes Sausage accessory included Long term Self-sharpening blade for use Compact and easy to store thanks to convenient accessory storage. Durability, 10-year repairability and French production confirmed
Tefal's most powerful and compact meat grinder!
A very powerful meat grinder (up to 2.3 kg / min) for all your meat recipes - meatballs, burgers, spaghetti bolognese quickly, space-saving compact design in your kitchen.
High performance
A powerful meat grinder with 2000W up to 2.3 kg per minute
3 Stainless steel grates
3 stainless steel grids - providing a wide variety of ground beef for your fine, medium and buttery recipes
Quality Results
Long lasting mince experience with self-sharpening blade
Diversify your meat recipes
Style your homemade sausages with our special accessory
Easy to transport
Thanks to the ergonomic front handle, you can carry the device effortlessly
Easy to maintain
There is a cord storage chamber in the body of the product.