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Tefal Nutricook + 6 lt Plus Pressure Cooker

Brand: Tefal


Go one step further than traditional pressure cookers with the TEFAL® Nutricook® + Plus pressure cooker. Thanks to 4 different cooking programs, it provides the most suitable temperature for each different ingredient. Thanks to the light cooking mode, it brings out the flavor of the dishes. You can reach the perfect texture and taste by choosing among the vegetables, cereals and legumes, meat and fish programs. With its large capacity for up to 6 people, you get both easy and delicious results.
Nutricook® + Plus Pressure Cooker: excellent texture, natural flavor
With the Tefal Nutricook + Plus steel pressure cooker, you can cook all the ingredients! Thanks to 4 special cooking programs, different cooking temperatures guarantee the texture, nutritional values and taste of the dishes. You just have to choose from vegetables to legumes, meat and fish. When the pressurized cooking time is over, it automatically turns off and reveals the flavor with the soft cooking (brewing) mode. The integrated control system notifies you when the meals are ready. Enjoy peace of mind with its easy-to-open system and 6 different security points. Nutricook + Plus pressure cookers made in France offer a 10-year warranty on the steel pan.

Tefal Nutricook + Plus 6LT
• TEFAL® NUTRICOOK® + PLUS LOW COOKER: preserves the texture of foods, reveals their flavor. • 4 SPECIAL PROGRAMS STEEL DOWN COOKER: slow cooking (brewing) mode with vegetables, legumes / grains, meat and fish. • PERFECT TIMER FOR COOKING • EASY OPENING: with one hand. • WARRANTY: 10-year warranty on steel pot • 6L VOLUME: suitable for 4/6 persons • MADE IN FRANCE. • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: steel steam basket, recipe book • DISHWASHER WASHABLE: washable parts: steel steam basket and pot • SPARE PARTS: availability for 10 years after purchase.

4 special cooking programs

Easy one-handed opening / closing
Easily open and close your pressure cooker with one hand.
Perfect cooking timer
Integrated timer
Inspirational recipe book

Ultra homogeneous cooking

Made in france

Healthy cooking
Preserves vitamins C up to 2 times. * * Tefal compared to deep pots
Safe cooking
Safe use every time thanks to 6 different security systems.

357 x 250 x 236 (mm)
4.3 (kg)