Vestel Smart Bracelet Black , .Gökyüzünün En Ayrıcalıklı Mağazası

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Vestel Smart Bracelet Black

Brand: Vestel



Heart rate measurement

Step counts, calorie measurement

Vibrating call and message notification

IP65 certified waterproof

Compatible with IOS and Android operating systems

Heart Rate Measurement

With the heart rate sensor you can measure your heart rate from your pulse. You can monitor your heart rate automatically, either manually or at regular intervals.

Activity reminder

You will be able to see your steps, the distance you take, the calories you spend. In addition, with the activity reminder feature, long hours are in your hands wither in the same position. Your smart wristband will alert you at any time when you are stationary during the day, encouraging you to move.

Vibrating alarm

Your wristband measures deep and light sleep times throughout your sleep, with a vibrating alarm that lets you wake up at any time

Daily Performance Record

With your Vestel smart wristband, you will be able to monitor your steps, sleep and heart rate, and see when your calls and messages arrive. With VFit mobile application you will be able to see your information up to date and keep all your exercise data on your phone. You can also share information about your activities with your relatives.

Water resistance

It is resistant to water splashes and dust with its IP65 certificate.

Screen Thanks to its large screen, you can see the watch at any time, and you will be able to use all functions easily with the touch V logo. Mobile Application Venus phones, VMarket, Appstore and Google Play can be downloaded from the VFit mobile application to keep track of your information up to date, you will be able to store all your exercise data. If you want, you can also share your activities with your relatives