Vagonlife Tritan VGN010 580 ML Navy Blue Waterbottle , .Gökyüzünün En Ayrıcalıklı Mağazası

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Vagonlife Tritan VGN010 580 ML Navy Blue Waterbottle

Brand: Vagonlife



* BPA-free, odorless Tritan is produced from raw materials.

* Locked and sealed in the lid thanks to the gasket feature. Thereby, in your bag, in the car, school, sports, nature walks and many areas you can use comfortably.

* Softtouch Technique has provided a soft touch to the outer surface of the product.

* Silicone Removable Carry Belt.

* Refrigeration Apparatus is available in the product.

* All products were imported with positive approval from T.K.İ.B tests.

* You can put hot and cold liquids into the product.

* Dispose of Silica Gel (Dehumidifier Package) after purchase.

* Washing in the dishwasher will cause scratches on the product in time. Therefore, it is recommended to wash by hand.

* The product should be washed after each use and should not be waited with liquid in the next day. Otherwise, it will cause odor formation in time.