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Wyndham Grand Kalamis Marina Hotel Blue Harmony Spa Massage Package

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Wyndham Grand Kalamis Marina Hotel Blue Harmony Spa Massage Package

Per person.

30 min. Includes massage and daily use of the spa. (Relaxation Massage / Aroma Treapi / Massage Massage / Sports Massage)
Every moment you live in the Blue Harmony Spa will turn into a fairy-tale experience with the refreshing effect of the blue and the life energy offered by the sky and water.
Your place is ready in the oasis of peace and renewal! We welcome all our guests and members with the distinctive sincerity of Blue Harmony Spa and take care of our guests in a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. The massage and care services that you will prefer to get rid of the stress of daily life and renew your daily life, our expert Far Eastern and Turkish therapists serve.

Sports Massage, Aroma Therapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Relaxation Massage Blue Harmony Spa is offered with quality and expertise.

Spa & Wellness;
You can use the baths, saunas and steam room sections to relax and relax after the sport; You can also benefit from extra services such as pouch foam.

Included Areas;
• Bath
• Sauna
• Steam room
• Recreational Areas

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Valid until: 30.12.2020

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